A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

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A Bit of Sympathetic Magic

Today I released the long (over 15 minute) field recording which is the title track of this “Rainmaker” project. The day went suddenly overcast around noon and I’m listening to this wonderful rainy track, hoping some real rain will fall. You can pick up this track—and other shorter rain tracks—on my Gymshoes Music site. The […]

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No Apocalyptic Weather, Please

I ought to be writing (fiction) right now but I’d rather be reading, so I’m blogging as a sort of compromise option. 🙂 I’m waiting for rain. If it would rain I’d curl up with an ebook this afternoon. (A brief authorial aside: I tend to think of the books I write as being “afternoon […]

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Escape From Computer Hell and Other Adventures

Computer problems are a special kind of hell worthy of Dante. It’s a Hell of Dashed Hopes, a hell of protean problems. My laptop is still in Computer Hell, but I feel that I’ve escaped. 🙂 I’m in the middle of something wonderful that I need my laptop for. I’ll go ahead and spill it […]

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Silence And Daydreams

I recently came across a couple of related articles which touch on creativity, silence, meditation, the human need for quiet creative spaces, even if that space is only in our own head. I also found the observations on how we respond to loudness interesting. I’m having a very quiet day today. 🙂 The Joy Of […]

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Idleness For Others

“I must be idle.” I am not. Instead, these days, I’m doing things which encourages idleness in others. 😉 I have new music coming out soon and I’ve also been steadily reclaiming text files from digital oblivion. The good news is that you’ll have books and music. 😀 The bad news is that I’m being […]

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