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Tonight! Live Interview!

Reminder: This Thursday, April 28th, I’ll be doing a live online interview with Deadly Reads on Blog Talk Radio at 9 pm, CDT. Call in number: (646) 668-2716. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/journeyintothenight/2016/04/29/stay-up-late-with-sci-fi-author-ainy-rainwater (If you can’t join us, the interview will be available later online to play at your leisure.)

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Live Interview, Cover Art, and MORE!

Lots of things are happening around here! Everywhere! With pictures! And live! This is a fairly short post, but it’s one of those that’s just packed with news. If you follow me elsewhere, you may have seen or heard some of it, but I’m widely scattered these days (LOL) so hang onto your hat…here we go! If […]

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If Wishes Were Spaceships! Released today!

Today! If Wishes Were Spaceships is released today! If you pre-ordered the ebook, then it’s already in your pocket. If you didn’t pre-order, grab your copy today! I’ve been doing little posts here about various aspects of the book, but today I have a guest post on author Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog, part of her My Favorite Bit series […]

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If Wishes Were Spaceships: Tech Between the Lines

If Wishes Were Spaceships looks like a fairly simple science fiction story, but for those readers who want something to think about, there’s a subtext in the book about our relationship with technology. We all use technology, but most of us do not have an in-depth knowledge of every piece of tech we use. We […]

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If Wishes Were Spaceships: The Carnivorous Plants

In the future postulated in my upcoming book, If Wishes Were Spaceships, carnivorous plants are presumed extinct, yet someone has resurrected them (probably from tissue samples). We hear a lot of GMOs these days, but genetic alteration of plants in labs is not a new thing. Plant breeders have been doing it to flowers for ages. […]

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I sometimes feel like I’m out of step with the world because the trend in books these days tends toward big sprawling stories, with potentially disastrous galactic consequences. Stories that span vast amounts of space and time. Stories packed with physical action, often violent action, on every page. War stories, stories of ordinary people caught […]

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Countdown to Book Launch!

It’s March!! You may think that it means that spring is just around the corner, or you may be looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day, or March Madness. Well, you’ve got something else to look forward to: If Wishes Were Spaceships will be released March 29th! It’s available for pre-order from most stores. It’s a standalone novel, but I’m […]

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Preorder If Wishes Were Spaceships!

March 29, 2016…If Wishes Were Spaceships by Ainy Rainwater My upcoming novel, If Wishes Were Spaceships — which will be released March 29th — is now available for pre-order for $4.99, from most ebookstores! A few bookstores are lagging behind listing it, but it will be available from all the stores listed below — and you can preorder […]

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Cover Art: If Wishes Were Spaceships!

Squeeeee! Cover art for my upcoming book If Wishes Were Spaceships! Release date will be set soon. We’re looking at an early spring release. I’m hoping to line up a blog tour for the release, so if you think this little sci-fi adventure novel would be a good fit for your blog, let me know! […]

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