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We now return you to your regularly scheduled blog…

Looking back over the last several posts, it seems like all I write about is the weather. 🙄 I’ve posted, “ThunderDog”, one final (for now) Rainmaker mp3 on my Gymshoes site (in sidebar here). This blog will now return to posts about writing, life and other bits idleness. 😀 Blogs are odd reflections of life. […]

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Afterword (from my universe)

I hope you enjoyed the short story this week. It may be the only parallel universe story you’ll read that’s based on a true story! We never did find what made the BANG (which sounded like it was in the house). All mysterious personages have disappeared and the neighborhood is quiet except for my dogs […]

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Good books for Christmas (or maybe not)

Christmas has been inextricably tangled up with books ever since I learned to read. Sure, there were all the usual things on my list to Santa (and a few unusual things, too) but the list was dominated by a sub-list of books, mostly mysteries, all fiction. (My list to Santa is heavier with non-fiction as […]

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All Hallow’s Read

Not for the first time, Neil Gaiman has started something on Twitter. After musing about lack of Halloween traditions he suggested that people give friends a scary book for Halloween. Suggestions proliferate at #allhallowsread.  He blogged it then other blogs, online magazines, online newspapers and authors jumped on the bandwagon. Most people who enthuse about […]

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Proofreading and Procrastinating

I said in my recent ebook bio that I procrastinate. I get a staggering amount done for a procrastinator, though. Right now I’m procrastinating by doing things more pleasant than proofreading this novel, things like scrubbing the wok, running the dishwasher, bathing the Filthy Beast (aka The Terrierist) and cleaning the aquarium. They all needed […]

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