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On The Road With The Starman

A lot has been written about The Starman currently gliding through space in Elon Musk’s Tesla. Is this a rich man’s indulgence, an ad for his car company, and without real scientific value? Well, yes. But that’s not all it is. There are so many interesting aspects to this that it took me a while […]

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Dinosaurs! Lots of Dinosaurs!

I’ve been seeing posts that the new Paleo Hall at the Houston Museum of Natural Science was great, but nothing prepared me for it. I was overwhelmed. In addition to a staggering array of fossils beautifully displayed, there were about four dozen (a rough, dazed, count) prehistoric skeletons (dinos of various types and eras) on […]

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A Step Sideways From Reality

Today I feel like I’ve stepped sideways from reality. It’s a day of wet hair, and mismatched socks. A day of muddy dogs and a muddled mind. The rain has been…I started to say “nice”…but no, it has not been very nice to me. Sound and fury, signifying nothing, a misty rain that can be […]

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I Came Upon A Dragon In The Woods

I came upon a dragon in the woods. My camera recognized its eye. But the still photos didn’t capture the full beast — or the effect of suddenly coming upon it on the trail. So I shot a bit of video. The dragon didn’t mind. There’s been a tremendous number of trees killed by the […]

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