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Halloween Goodies

Ghost stories and eerie music, they really go together, don’t they? I have both! All this month I’m posting my ghost stories on Wattpad and if you want a bit of ambient music to go with it, check out my Halloween Soundscape album on iTunes, Amazon, or other digital music stores. This music is good for setting […]

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Her Voice, Everywhere

It’s been a while since I dropped a little story here. Here’s something for Valentine’s Day. It was inspired by an article I read a few years ago, about the widow of the actor who gave the “Mind the Gap” announcement on the London Tube stations, or used to. It’s a sweet story with a […]

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Rock and Rolling Thunder

A little bit of flash fiction on a rainy day. This goes nicely with my (free!) Rainmaker project on my Gymshoes Music site. I recently added a new track, “Summer Thunder”. 😀 She awoke before dawn to thunder and the restless movement of dogs on the bed. Light strobed against the curtains turning the sedate […]

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The Shepherd Of The Uncanny Valley

I was awakened at 5 am by one of the dogs urping. (She’s okay now.) As I was trying to get back to sleep, in that hypnogogic state, I saw a sheep with a hole in its head. The whole story unspooled itself in my mind word by word until I was fully awake and […]

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The Ice Cream Castle

As promised…a ghost story for Halloween (though it’s also a good Christmas ghost story). Enjoy! The Ice Cream Castle  by Ainy Rainwater The sun was not seen all day, but around the time of sunset the snow fell harder, blurring holiday lights and threatening to blot them out altogether. The forecast indicated that there could […]

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A Spin Cycle On The Street

It sounded like a washing machine at the end of the spin cycle, a sort of mechanical oscillating deceleration—only doppler-shifted like a podracer going past. Thus it briefly entered my dreams as a white flying washing machine. The second time it came around it was louder and the dog barked, waking me. I got up, […]

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An Interdimensional Day In The Neighborhood

I had a strange twenty minutes this morning. A friend suggested the best explanation: an interdimensional portal. So I had to write a story. That’s how writers make sense of the world when things don’t make sense. (This is a rough draft done on my BlackBerry.) The interdimensional portal opened at the center of the […]

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