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What A Week! Mutant Chocolate-Covered Fortune Cookie Included

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Feb• 15•12

I had oral surgery a week ago today, jury duty on Monday, and Valentine’s Day yesterday (which means chocolate for breakfast this morning, Yay!). I’ve had to eat regular meals because of taking the antibiotics and pain pills—but the last pills were accompanied by Valentine’s Day chocolates. 😉 All that’s left is for the stitches to come out (on Friday) and the chocolate from Valentine’s Day to be consumed. 🙂 I have a history of Valentine’s Day surgeries so we were careful to schedule this prior to Valentine’s Day to avoid the Valentine’s Day Curse. Though I’m still not chewing quite right we had a great meal last night. I was so stuffed I didn’t eat my chocolate until this morning (and not all of it, either).

Valentine’s Day was my goof off and do-nothing sort of day, a reward for jury duty and oral surgery. My husband got me this humonguous chocolate covered fortune cookie. I’d seen an ad when we were in Kroger earlier this month for chocolate covered fortune cookies and the picture looked like a bunch of regular fortune cookies dipped in chocolate. After he’d gotten me a box of chocolate, he remembered that I’d said I’d like the fortune cookies so he went to get them only to discover that they weren’t cookies, but cookie. One giant fortune cookie. It looks like some sort of Mutant Chocolate Covered Crab Claw From Outer Space. While chocolate covered fortune cookies would have been cute, this just looks big and weird. 😯

Giant Mutant Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookie

The fortune cookie is twice the size of the tiny box it’s precariously perched in. I decided to wait until tonight to open it because I couldn’t face eating it after the large meal we’d had last night and I wanted the spouse to be here when I opened it. (If the fortune is any good, it should include him!)

Now it’s back to writing…I’ve got books and stories to write and lately life has been too distracting to get the kind of writing done that I need to do. I need days when I have big blank blocks of time that I can devote to thinking and writing. When I’m in pain, or having to jump up and take pills and change gauze, and swish with warm water —or lose a day to jury duty, though I did write up some good notes later in case I need it for fiction—I can’t just immerse myself in working on the book. Which I will do just as soon as I finish writing this and making a pot of tea. (I don’t really think the Valentine’s chocolates have sufficient caffeine to fuel my imagination.)

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