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25th Art Car Parade

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - May• 14•12

The Art Car Parade is one of Houston’s best traditions as well as one of its most fun events. Falling on the Saturday of the busy Mother’s Day weekend, I can’t always make the parade, but when I do, I invariably spend the next few weeks day dreaming about what sort of art car I’d like to make. If I ever settle on a concept, look out! 🙂 I love the art car parade. This year there were more art cars done by kids in Houston elementary schools. Excellent idea: teach kids to do art and subvert car design at an early age. 😉 But most of the art cars are done by artists and require not only an imagination, but a high level of skill. (Which is why if I ever do an art car it will likely look like a kiddie entry. LOL) You can see more cars on the Art Car website or check out some short videos of the cars and interviews with the artists on the 39/Newsfix website. Below are a random smattering of snaps (there were over 300 cars!) to give you an overall feel for the parade which is soooo much fun! I just love the imagination that goes into making these cars! (Click twice for big images.)


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