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Solar birds…and getting my ducks in a row

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Jun• 21•12
Solar Birds, photo by Ainy Rainwater

Solar Birds, photo by Ainy Rainwater

I got some solar birds from Ikea for the back garden. Here’s a pic of them all lit up! 🙂

I know I should post here more often, but I’ve been very busy writing fiction. I figure the solar birds rate a post because they look sort of fictional. 😉

I’m still creeping toward the end of Sub Rosa, the sequel to The Malice Plant. I can’t say the end is in sight yet, but it’s possible the end may be in sight by the end of summer. (Fingers crossed.) Of course, I’m also scribbling down ideas, bits and pieces of other things, here and there. I’m very tempted to do NaNoWriMo in the fall, having never done it, and having a certain perverse curiosity about what it would be like to attempt to write a novel in a month, but whether I do that or not will probably depend on certain non-writing-related things that I have no control over.

I’ve got two other irons in the fire right now, which nibble away at fiction writing time. I’ve just started a video edit for one of my Gymshoes songs, “The Beach At Dawn”, on the Sand In My Shoes album. Nothing flashy, but even a simple video edit is time-consuming and fiddly because my video-editing program isn’t very good. But I like the footage so much that it’s worth a bit of fiddling. Look for that on my Gymshoes Music site soon. 🙂

The other time-sink that has just popped up is the possibility that I might be writing for a food blog, so I’ve been digging through archives at 750words.com and things I’ve written to friends, putting together some pieces and rewriting them. It’s not a sure thing: it depends on if there’s enough interest (and writers) for this particular project to launch. I’ve spent a lot of this week getting my ducks in a row so I’ll be ready if it flys.

In the meantime…enjoy the solar birds—which are not ducks because obviously I haven’t gotten them in a row! 😉

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