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In the meantime…Favorite Fiction Podcasts

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Mar• 12•13

I’m busy working on the next book, which has turned into quite a project. I’m enjoying myself enormously, but realize that my friends, fans, readers, etc. need a steady dose of fiction — and I’ve still got a lot of writing to do! So, in the meantime, you can enjoy my favorite fiction podcasts. 🙂 Writers, keep in mind that some of these are paying fiction markets which accept submissions. I have eclectic tastes, and the podcasts range from classic to bizarre. This list is top-heavy with genre fiction, but gets more mainstream as you go down the list.

The Drabblecast  is hosted by Norm Sherman who recently took over hosting for Escape Pod as well. The podcasts have different editors and different content. The Drabblecast bills itself as “strange stories, by strange authors, for strange listeners…like yourself”, and while that does include some sci-fi, Escape Pod is totally science fiction. Podcastle, its sister podcast is devoted to fantasy stories and they interpret that very broadly. (Horror fans may want to check out Pseudopod, another sibling in the Pod Family; I don’t listen to it, but have confidence in the quality based on Escape Pod and Podcastle.) Toasted Cake is a flash fiction podcast edited and read by author Tina Connolly. It straddles the line between genre and mainstream fiction. The Truth are short contemporary radio plays, which are often amusing, dark, ironic, or surprising. They are usually collaboratively written and very well done. With Selected Shorts you can hear well-known actors and actresses reading everything from classic short stories to stories by contemporary authors which are destined to be classics. The performances and selection of stories are excellent, though sometimes they may be slightly abridged. Last year The Moby Dick Big Read was launched. Actors and actresses read one chapter per day. Most chapters are pretty short, so though it’s a long book with a lot of chapters, this is an easy way to get through it. I started rereading the book along with the podcasts, but eventually got ahead and finished the book before the podcast concluded.

Websites for the audio fiction are linked in the paragraph above. Below are the feeds and some additional information about the podcasts. Add these to your feedreader and you’ll have an entertaining selection of fiction to listen to. 🙂

  • Drabblecast: http://www.drabblecast.org/feed/podcast/  (almost weekly, varying length, usually long) In addition to the featured story, there are flash fiction listener submitted “Drabbles” and “Twabbles”, and entertaining intros which sometimes include serialized mini-dramas featuring the fictional Conor Choadsworth’s adventures hunting for dangerous and mythical creatures.
  • Drabblecast B-sides: http://www.drabblecast.org/feed/b-sides/ (rarely) Extra stories not included in The Drabblecast, compilations of serialized bits from multiple podcasts, miscellany.
  • Podcastle: http://podcastle.org/feed/rss2 (weekly, varying length, usually long)
    There have been chronic problems with the Podcastle feed this past year. If you have problems with the feed, I recommend using the category feed: http://podcastle.org/category/podcasts/feed
  • Escape Pod: http://escapepod.org/feed/ (weekly, varying length, usually long) This feed includes both audio stories, reviews, text…everything. Apps specifically for podcasts may not display non-audio entries, so you might want to drop it into your feedreader also so you get everything.
  • Toasted Cake: http://toastedcake.com/atom.xml (short, weekly) Edited and read by author Tina Connolly, who includes mini-reviews of books she’s read at the end of each podcast.
  • Selected Shortshttp://selectedshortspri.pri.libsynpro.com/rss (long, weekly)   Usually 2-3 stories. Only 5 are available in the feed at any time and once they scroll off they are gone, not available on the website.
  • The Truth: http://feeds.feedburner.com/thetruthapm  Mini contemporary radio plays (short)
  • The Moby Dick Big Read: http://feeds.feedburner.com/mobydickbigread (short)

Not everything will be to everyone’s taste, but I feel confident that everyone will find a something they like in at least one of these podcasts since they range from classics to “waaaaay out there”. 🙂 If there’s nothing in the current feed that grabs you, go to the websites and give them a good browse. There’s some great stuff! 😀

Note: Sometimes feeds change. These are the podscasts feeds as of today. If you’re reading this at some time in the future (ooooo….time travel!) you should probably check the websites to make sure the feed has not changed.

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