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Update on the work in progress

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Jul• 01•13

I’ve not been here on the blog or on social networks much because I’ve been busy working on the book. I’m sorry, but given the choice of the book or the blog, I’m gonna plump for the book every time. (At least as far as writing goes; I seem to have time to read blogs…) The book is going really well. I did a down and dirty edit of the 52K I’d written for NaNoWriMo, but didn’t cut quite as deeply as I could’ve because I needed to get hip-deep in the narrative again before deciding whether certain bits would stay or go. I did some rewrites here and there as I went along and assessed what holes in the manuscript needed to be filled. I had never written this fast or sloppy before (blog posts aside…) so the holes (scenes, viewpoints, descriptions, etc.) that need to be filled are enormous. But I’m really enjoying the process. 🙂 I’m at 74,000 words now, after edits and in the midst of writing and rewriting. I’m shooting for 100K, but that’s an arbitrary number based on how things are going, not a goal I feel I must hit. I’m going to do another edit when I’ve worked my way all the way through the book, so I’m figuring the finished mss will be shorter than that.

I still haven’t definitely settled on a title, but I can tell you that the book will be considerably different from what I set out to write in November. You may recall that one of my post-NaNo quandaries involved how this book overlapped with another book idea I had. Those two projects are being rolled into one with the writing and rewriting I’m doing now (which is why the rewrite is taking so long). The book is about the fictional “mis-enchanted city of Seaport”. It’s not regular fantasy. The city is tinged with a strangeness which impacts the character’s lives in various ways, but is otherwise the real world. You might call it urban fantasy—except there are no vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc. Some people might categorize it as “slipstream”, but it won’t be as slipstream as Joshua Mansfield and Sheri Zod was. More mainstream and accessible than that.

Although most of my writing time has been going into the Seaport project, I have a new post every week on The Usual Suspects, the group food blog. I wrote most of this year’s posts last year while we were still discussing doing a food blog—and some of those were rewrites of email sent to friends I swap recipes with, or discuss foody or vegetarian things with. So I haven’t been neglecting my author blog in favor of the food blog. If I hadn’t “worked ahead” on the food blog, it would be languishing right now too! 😉

It’s summer. I’m busy. I’m happy…and when you eventually see what I’ve been working on you’ll be happy too! I shall try to post more often, but I make no promises. 😉 One of my (few) recent tweets:

If I’m not tweeting, it’s because I’m writing my next book (engrossed in a fictional world) or I’m living life in more than 140 characters.

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  1. Teresa Trent says:

    It was the same for my NaNoWriMo. I went back and rewrote nearly half of the story I had written in November. Good luck!