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Autumn is a Season: Fall is a Verb

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Oct• 02•14
First sign of autumn. Photo by Ainy Rainwater

First sign of autumn.
Photo by Ainy Rainwater

It can’t be the weather because we’re not (yet) having fall weather, but autumn is upon us and I am “Fall-ing” in all the usual ways…and also some unusual ways. I’ve got news, news, news! Writing news, blogging news, social network news, music news, and spacey news. (You knew I was spacey, right?)

Writing: My usual way of “Fall-ing” is that I write like a maniac. This year I’m pushing to get a draft of the first book of the series to beta readers by the end of the month. But I may not make it because I enjoy NaNoWriMo so much that I’m tempted to set the manuscript aside and prep either another novel in the series or something completely different. Dunno what, if anything, I’ll do.

Blogging: I’ve dusted off the Ainy Rainwater wordpress.com blog I got when I started writing for The Usual Suspects group food blog (which I’m still writing for but not as regularly), and am now dithering over what I could do with it that I’m not doing with this blog.  (What am I doing with this blog??)

Social Network: Yesterday I made some changes to my Facebook profile which will allow Followers, so if you’re on Facebook, you no longer have to Friend me in order to get updates on my personal profile. The reason for this change is that the way Facebook treats Pages now (see my Ainy Rainwater Page) is that it rarely shows up in the feed of the people who Like the Page. The only people who see my Page updates are Friends, and not more than 1-4 of them unless I put the Page post on my profile. Please, Like my Page, but don’t count on seeing my updates there. My personal profile will have some public updates now, not all of which will be related to my books. For instance…

Music: On my birthday last Sunday, I found out that I hit Reverbnation’s Top Ten List for my Gymshoes Music. This is probably due to the usual fall sales spike for my Halloween Soundscape album, but even so, this is the first autumn I’ve hit the Top Ten! (I’ve hit the Top Ten in other seasons.) It’s an eerie ambient album, inspired by classic scary stories. You can preview the album in the sidebar here and read the liner notes on my Gymshoes Music site.

Space (the Final Frontier): Mars Maven has reached its destination, which aside from science, also means that words I wrote, that came out of my brain, are right now circling the Red Planet. (Along with other entries to the Mars haiku contest.) Every time I even come close to getting my head around that idea, I sort of freak out and do a Snoopy Happy Dance. I’m doing it right now! 😀

Vivid, we dream you
Ancient world, known and unknown
Speak, eloquent stone

My block for Astronaut Karen Nyberg's Star Block Challenge

My block for Astronaut Karen Nyberg’s Star Block Challenge

In other “spacey” news I did a quilt block for Astronaut Karen Nyberg’s star block challenge (she made a star block while in space) and my block, along with thousands of others have been pieced together and will be displayed at the Houston International Quilt Festival at the end of this month. (The total number of blocks 2,260!) I hated that the rules required name and location be put on the front of the block. It messes up the design and there really wasn’t any way to make the label look any better with this design.  I drew the figures freehand and then hand-appliqued the block.

And that’s about all the news from here, unless I forgot something which is entirely possible because it’s Autumn which is my favorite season and Fall is a verb because I quite often either start or finish projects in the Fall. (It’s like one year ends and a new year begins around September; I think this is a pattern I picked up from the school year, but it could be because my birthday is in September.) Now if the weather would just turn autumnal things would be perfect. 

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