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“You gotta have a plan”

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Jun• 07•16

As Earl said in Tremors: “You gotta have a plan.” I’ve got a lot of book projects in progress right now, so I thought I’d update everyone on what’s in the pipeline and the status of each project, as well as what my work schedule for the various books is right now. This is my plan, though as the military saying goes, “no plan ever survives contact with the enemy”. 😉

I’ve finished the second draft of “Sterneworth’s Planet” (working title), which is the sequel to If Wishes Were Spaceships. It will be spending the summer with beta readers while I work on other things. I want to thank the people who have graciously agreed to beta-read for me. It’s a big help to my perspective on works in progress, as well as giving me a break to do other things. Yesterday I returned to work on the Seaport series, which is the chick-lit/fantasy series that I’ve been working on for some time now. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend a lot of time on it in the past year because of work on getting If Wishes Were Spaceships ready for spring publication, and drafting the sequel. Thank you to everyone who has bought the book! You’re making me very happy! 🙂 Response has been very good, and I’m so glad people are enjoying the book! If you want a light fun sci-fi adventure for your beach bag, this is the ebook for you! 🙂

So, as I was saying, I’ve returned to Seaport after a long absence and it feels really good to be working on this series again! 😀 I’m in the middle of a rewrite of the first book, though I may end up doing small revisions to the second book as well. I’ve got drafts of the first two books, and notes on the other two. Seaport is where I’ll be spending the summer, creatively speaking. 🙂

The plan right now is to work on the Seaport series this summer, then do a rewrite on the sci-fi sequel in the fall after going over the notes from the beta-read. I do not know when sequel will be published: it depends on amount of work that needs to be done in subsequent drafts.

Once the sci-fi sequel is finished, I plan to work on the Seaport series full time. As I mentioned, the first two books of the series are drafted, but the drafts still need a lot of work. The way I work I need nice big blocks of time to work on each project, just as I need nice big blocks of time to write each day. I can jump back and forth between projects if we’re talking about doing small revisions, but I’m not quite to the “small revision” stage of any of the drafts, not the sci-fi sequel and not the first two books of the series. The next year/year and a half is going to be very busy, but I’m hoping that 12-18 months from now I’ll have one, maybe two, books finished. The sequel to If Wishes Were Spaceships will be published as soon as it’s ready to go. On the other hand, for a number of reasons, I want to complete the Seaport series before any of the books are published. When the Seaport series does finally launch, it’ll be on a book-a-year schedule, which will be great for readers, and also great for me because: no pressure. 🙂

So, that’s the plan for the foreseeable future, subject to mad whims (which is how the little sci-fi adventure series got started). 😉

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