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"I must be idle."

Halloween Goodies

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Oct• 21•16

Ghost stories and eerie music, they really go together, don’t they? I have both! All this month I’m posting my ghost stories on Wattpad and if you want a bit of ambient music to go with it, check out my Halloween Soundscape album on iTunesAmazon, or other digital music stores. This music is good for setting an unsettling atmosphere for trick-or-treaters, or ambient music for your Halloween party. Not a cheesy sound effect album, these long ambient tracks were inspired by classic scary stories. For liner notes (and more albums) see my Gymshoes Music site.

The first two ghost stories up on Wattpad are old stories, and at the moment they are just for Wattpad followers. This week’s story is public, and it’s a long one which I broke into five parts for Wattpad publication, posting one part per day this week. The final part of “The Ice Cream Castle” is now up on Wattpad! The story is now complete, and is public. Response to the story has been great; it’s not only ranked, it’s already surpassed my other ranked story…and that was before I published the final section today! Thanks so much to all who have been reading along all this week as I’ve posted the sections of “The Ice Cream Castle”! Next Friday I’ll post a brand new ghost story that I’ve just finished. Follow me on Wattpad for more fiction!

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