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This Year Will Be Different

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Jan• 02•18

Last year was not a good year and I had no control over all the bad things that happened. I’m an optimist. Although it’s not impossible for 2018 to be as bad as 2017, I choose to believe otherwise. That choice may seem lame (particularly to pessimists) but it’s important because how I think about my life and view the world around me affects the way I experience it. It won’t help when friends and family die; I know all too well from last year that a positive mental attitude does nothing in the face of death. But a positive outlook can keep all the smaller things—and everything is smaller than death—from getting too readily lumped into the confirmation that it’s a bad year and that everything is going to shit. Everything is not bad. Most things are not bad. So, I’m plunging into the new year with enthusiasm, knowing I will have to take the bad with the good, but determined that I will not let the bad overwhelm the good. So. Here’s a peek at my writing plans for this year.

I feel really good about what I’ve got going. The sequel to If Wishes Were Spaceships continues to move forward. It’s all rewriting—which is in a way much tougher than writing—but the book is improving by leaps and bounds, which is very satisfying. I even worked on a couple of scenes during my December break, which says a lot about how good I feel about the book and how much I’m enjoying working on this book. I hope to complete the final draft this year. I don’t yet have a publication date—which is a good thing in that it allows revisions to be done in whatever time it actually takes, rather than rushed revisions which tend to be not as good. I can write fast or I can write well: only on rare occasions do those two things ever coincide!

This year will be to some extent what last year was supposed to be: finishing the sequel, writing more short fiction, blogging more (including contributing to the food blog), and writing a bit of nature-oriented non-fiction. I have all kinds of big plans for this year! Brace yourself because I’m going to be introducing you to some interesting characters and some fantastical fiction!

Wishing you all the very best new year! Let’s rock 2018! 😀

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