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Best of 2010 in <140

Written By: Ainy Rainwater - Jan• 04•11

The first year I had this domain I pasted some of my tweets in occasionally. This has been a fairly eventful year for me as an author and musician, but what that’s meant in terms of tweets is fewer personal and poetic tweets. I thought about just posting those, but decided that if I’m going to do a sort of “year in review” that I should include some of the tweets related to my ebooks and music. To my chagrin I discovered that I never actually tweeted the release of The Malice Plant, my mystery novel, though I alluded to it and work on the sequel. 🙄 I’m really not good a self-promotion. (sigh)

I’ve put some of the more personal, poetic, not-flogging-books-and-music tweets in bold, if you just want to skip most references to ebooks-n-music. I’ve had some good conversations in Twitter, but I’ve not included conversations.

Because this year will be more writing (books & music) and with possibly an ebook release before the end of the year (no promises: there are some editorial and creative decisions that still have to be made about the last of my early novels) I expect 2011 will have more personal, poetic and creative tweets than 2010 did. Follow me on Twitter.

(The first tweet of 2010 could easily be the first tweet of this year, too.)


Hope everyone had great holidays! I’m catching up on all the things I let hang fire over the holidays. I hardly know where to start!
4 Jan

Yes, arctic front has reached us. Hasn’t been this cold here in 20+ yrs. Could hit record temps. IMHO some records shouldn’t be broken. 😉
8 Jan

Found unfinished lyrics I thought I’d lost long ago. Better than I’d remembered! 🙂
22 Jan

Working on a new project. 🙂
4 Feb

This is one of those rare weeks when everything turns out to be faster & easier than I’d anticipated. May get week’s work done by mid-week!
2 Mar

Nothing I’m working on now can be multitasked so I’m bouncing between very different projects. It’s shaping up to be a very productive year.
16 Mar

I haven’t been tweeting much because I’m working on new projects & I can only bounce between so many things (including social networks). 🙂
8 Apr

Breaking for lunch, though the way the morning went perhaps I shouldn’t use “breaking” in a sentence today. 😉
3 May

My new EP Sand In My Shoes is now available in online stores! Wheeeee! Fun sunny summer music, cheap thrills. Busy day putting the word out.
25 May

Running down my battery. Need to plug in device, unplug myself (also on low power) & fix food. G’night, all!
23 Jun

Reminder: You can stream full songs of Sand In My Shoes on http://gymshoesmusic.com or my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Gymshoes
25 Jun

This is the way Mondays should be, relaxed, no pressure, creative. Rare to achieve rhythm of the week on the 1st day of it. Have a good one!
28 Jun

Up early, feeling like I’ve got the world by the tail. This is good ’cause things quickly went to hell. Easier to cope when ya feel great.
17 Aug

is feeling groovy…..(Everybody sing along!)
17 Aug

5 year after Katrina my album A Tropical Depression still benefits @redcross Available iTunes, Amazon, myspace, Napster, Rhapsody
27 Aug

BIG news: my sci-fi novel In The Hands Of Time is now available as Kindle #ebook US http://tinyurl.com/2558zb5 UK http://tinyurl.com/2bdra3k
1 Sep

Coming to other online stores soon. Running behind making announcements ’cause of comp probs this wk. Newsletter tomorrow! 🙂
1 Sep

Intermittent storms predicted all day: a nice day for proofreading a novel, which is what I’m doing. Have a good weekend, everyone!
3 Sep

A busy week. I’ve popped in a few times to check @ replies—which appear intermittently, sort of like a Star Trek transporter malfunction.
10 Sep

Relaxed afternoon, catching up with friends online & blogs. Dog wags his tail while dreaming. Gonna make a pot of tea & daydream into wkend.
10 Sep

Just checked my Amazon ebook sales. Yep, my first book is selling! Hadn’t checked since it was published. Am too busy formatting next one!
13 Sep

3 years ago today my Halloween Soundscape album was released! Get it: iTunes, myspace, Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster. #music #Halloween
13 Sep

is finding it impossible to finish proofreading with two dogs wrestling in her lap.
13 Sep

Dappled sunlight ripples over fallen autumn leaves like water. Barefoot, I wade in.
23 Sep

Bird warbles into crystalline silence. I begin recording. Suddenly there’s cars, planes, dogs, air-conditioners whir on, neighbor yelling.
28 Sep

My horror novel, Miasma, now available on Kindle (US) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0042X9VWY (UK) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0042X9VWY #ebook
20 Sep

My horror novel, Miasma, now available on Kindle (US) http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0042X9VWY (UK) https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0042X9VWY #ebook
20 Sep

That shattering sound you hear in cyberspace are my self-imposed deadlines being broken. Gonna unplug & soak up soft serene autumn sun. 🙂
4 Oct

Back frm week’s vacation in London! Still on London time. Am off rest of wk too. DM if I missed anything important. Otherwise C U next week!
13 Oct

I’ve confirmed all 3 of my #ebooks are available as ibooks for #iPad. Need URLs for them so I can post links along w/other stores. Anyone?
19 Oct

All three of my novels are now available as #ebooks from @eBooksBN (Barnes & Noble)!! Search “Ainy Rainwater”. 🙂
19 Oct

Bizarre alarming sounds come from the uppermost branches of the oak trees. Hope it’s squirrel or bird. Mutant space alien comes to mind.
19 Oct

Baking banana bread & making tea. Such a busy week updating Gymshoes/Rainwater things that I’m going to just kick back this afternoon.
21 Oct

Snacking on Purple Haze chevre made with lavendar & fennel pollen which I got at @CentralMarket. Amazing flavor. #cheese
28 Oct

Autumn has returned, dropping rain & limbs from trees, infecting the dogs—especially the young one—with cool weather craziness.
29 Oct

Dog bewildered by franken-torsos in neighbor’s yd. Sniffed skull lanterns along sidewalk but didn’t mark ’em thank god. #dogwalk #Halloween
29 Oct

OTOH big plastic panther made him freeze. Spooked, 1 warning bark, then looked over his shoulder all the way home. LOL! #dogwalk #Halloween
29 Oct

I find backing up files (which is what I’m doing now) relaxing. Terabyte drives hums. I sip hot tea, daydream in autumn light thru window.
29 Oct

Thanks to all who bought my #Halloween Soundscape album. I appreciate it! Now back to work on sequel to my mystery novel The Malice Plant.
1 Nov

Gray rainy day. Time moves slowly, as if it must wade thru water or swim to the evening’s shore. Yet the breeze is brisk, faster than Time.
2 Nov

Decluttering house prior to friend’s arrival tomorrow is turning into an oddly contemplative activity. How to decide where something goes.
2 Nov

About to make my second mug of hot chocolate. Autumn sunlight so warm & golden. Rereading Malice Plant for details while working on sequel.
9 Nov

Popcorn so salty it hurts. Movie theater repast that’s got to last until the credits roll. Tongue tingles as Coke sooths the salty burning.
9 Nov

Still the movie doesn’t start. Blank screen accompanied by sharp louder stabs of electronic static. Now electronic gargling sound. Not good.
9 Nov

Dog bark breaks every thought bark. Still barking mad at meter reader bark. Morning’s bark writing has cadence of canines bark. #dog
10 Nov

Pouring rain is good background for writing a mystery novel. 🙂 Work on the sequel to The Malice Plant continues. #ebook #mystery
11 Nov

Night has dropped down suddenly from the gray sky while I was still day dreaming.
15 Nov

Ah, day’s end: kick off shoes, stretch out legs & see that I’d mismatched socks in complementary colors dressing in dark this morning. LOL
16 Nov

Chasing autumn leaves down the sidewalk, terrier & I. Susurrant boughs bow down as we pass by. #dogwalk #micropoetry #DOGgerel

Thanksgiving week; beginning slow easy slide into the holiday season. If it’s real slow & easy I may even have time to blog about it. 😉
22 Nov

Cold & windy today. Drinking the 1st mug of hot chocolate of the day. Warm activities today: reading, writing, baking apple pie.
30 Nov

Nope…just doesn’t seem possible to keep up with peeps tweets during this holiday season. I’m prob just gonna pop in randomly, reply, RT.
13 Dec

Wrapping presents, drinking hot chocolate, listening to my Christmas playlist. Having a great Friday afternoon. Weekend’s almost here! 🙂
17 Dec

#followfriday @noradsanta Merry Christmas, everyone! 🙂
24 Dec

Glorious morning! Perfect for gardening. Sunny, mild. After a day of rain weeds pull up easily. Lots of buds on the camellia! Rose bud, too!
30 Dec

Wishing everyone a joyful new year! May all your hopes & dreams be fulfilled! Stay safe & have fun tonight! See you next year! 🙂
31 Dec

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