A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."


Written By: Ainy Rainwater - May• 05•11

I’m coping with the ongoing drought in the best way I know: I’ve returned to work on a project of field recordings of rain. I do field recordings of various things, natural sounds, noise, rhythm, odd sounds. It’s something I enjoy and usually spring finds me recording more hours of rain than I have time to listen to. Not all recordings are usuable. I’ve gotten better, but still the files must be listened to at length and sometimes edited. I’ve been lucky in that this week I dipped almost immediately into a batch of recordings I hadn’t listened to which were good and didn’t take a prohibitive amount of work to get them into shape to release. I already had one “Treefrog Rain” as a freebie on my Gymshoes Music site and today I added another mp3 track of rain, “Pitter-Pat and Peeps” (the “peeps” come from an intermittent chirping bird). I found another awesome track that needed only one tiny edit and volume adjustment, but I’m saving that for next week.

Here’s the post on my Gymshoes site. And my Download page where tracks will appear as they’re released.

It’s been interesting listening to the raw recordings. I felt quite chilly. The only explanation I can think of is that it’s sense memory of all those hours every spring (except this year!) that I spent cold and damp huddled under eaves and trees, not moving a muscle, scarcely breathing, trying not to shiver as wind and wet whip over me, recording rainstorms. Lovely rainstorms.

Photo by Ainy Rainwater

The rain field recordings project now has a name: Rainmaker. I’m hoping playing these tracks will lure rain to my garden. If you like the sound of rain, enjoy the recordings. I’m going to keep working on them and will be releasing more next week and in the weeks to come. 😀

Now you don’t need a rainy day to curl up with a book….

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