A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

Solar birds…and getting my ducks in a row

I got some solar birds from Ikea for the back garden. Here’s a pic of them all lit up! 🙂 I know I should post here more often, but I’ve been very busy writing fiction. I figure the solar birds rate a post because they look sort of fictional. 😉 I’m still creeping toward the […]

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I Want Imaginary Oak Trees

I’ve got one foot in Spring and one foot in Fall, almost literally. Spring has come to the front yard while the backyard is descending into the last throes of autumn. How is this possible? I have live oaks. I’ve always loved live oaks. They have such graceful spreading branches that a large well-grown specimen […]

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Yesterday: the essence of a spring day

Yesterday I took a much-needed break. It was a beautiful day, impossible to stay in: dogs playing birds sing patio squirrels trees backyard tea greenness dappled sunlight books. A very small, very fast, bird did touch-n-go raids on the birdfeeder. Squirrels lurked in trees impatiently waiting for me and the dogs to leave. We didn’t. […]

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