A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

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Muse Dog

My friends have already seen this: I posted it on my Facebook profile back in the fall…However this is a snapshot not of a particular day, but of most days and I thought I’d post it here as I settle down to write today with my muse-dog snuggled down beside me. 😀 This photo is […]

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A Kinship of Imagination

I just recently reread Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, the tenth anniversary author’s preferred text edition. As I was reading it I was struck again by how the type of story or magic realism, if you prefer, is similar to Joshua Mansfield and Sheri Zod. There are probably folks out there who think I was trying […]

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750words.com (and NaNoWriMo)

While other writers were doing NaNoWriMo in November I set myself a more modest challenge which may be useful to those of you who have done NaNo or wish to…as well as creative people in general. I joined 750words.com in October then decided that I’d sign up for their monthly challenge, which is to write […]

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Give Me a Hand

The knuckle of the pinkie on my right hand is aching. It ached all weekend. I don’t know why but I must’ve done something to it. After I finished writing today I slathered it with Aspercreme then wrapped it with masking tape because I couldn’t find any medical tape, and we appear to be out […]

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Good Enough

A creative friend posted “Be fearful of mediocrity” on Facebook and I immediately thought that it needed balancing out with something like: “Be fearful of being fearful of mediocrity”. 🙂 I’ve met too many people over the years who are leading unfulfilled lives because they’re afraid to pursue a creative dream and not be great […]

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Best of 2010 in <140

The first year I had this domain I pasted some of my tweets in occasionally. This has been a fairly eventful year for me as an author and musician, but what that’s meant in terms of tweets is fewer personal and poetic tweets. I thought about just posting those, but decided that if I’m going […]

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Idleness For Others

“I must be idle.” I am not. Instead, these days, I’m doing things which encourages idleness in others. 😉 I have new music coming out soon and I’ve also been steadily reclaiming text files from digital oblivion. The good news is that you’ll have books and music. 😀 The bad news is that I’m being […]

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