A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

A little bit of enchantment

I shot this pic over the weekend and after editing it a bit I’m now using it as my phone wallpaper. When I was a kid a neighbor had a redbud in the front yard and I was absolutely enchanted by it every spring. Not only when it bloomed, but that circle of pink on […]

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A Step Sideways From Reality

Today I feel like I’ve stepped sideways from reality. It’s a day of wet hair, and mismatched socks. A day of muddy dogs and a muddled mind. The rain has been…I started to say “nice”…but no, it has not been very nice to me. Sound and fury, signifying nothing, a misty rain that can be […]

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Paper Rhapsody

I wrote the essay below July 25, 1998. Much has changed since then. I now do all my writing on electronic devices and my books are published as ebooks. Most of my writing is on my laptop, but notes, scenes and even one piece of flash fiction was done entirely on my BlackBerry. Though I […]

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I Want Imaginary Oak Trees

I’ve got one foot in Spring and one foot in Fall, almost literally. Spring has come to the front yard while the backyard is descending into the last throes of autumn. How is this possible? I have live oaks. I’ve always loved live oaks. They have such graceful spreading branches that a large well-grown specimen […]

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Dog-induced Daydreaming

I was just thinking how nice it is to feel soft fur on my toes. No, I don’t have furry toes! 😉 Dogs like to lay against me. Sometimes it’s on the furniture with me, but often they’ll sleep on the floor at my feet with some part of them against my bare foot, not […]

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Silence And Daydreams

I recently came across a couple of related articles which touch on creativity, silence, meditation, the human need for quiet creative spaces, even if that space is only in our own head. I also found the observations on how we respond to loudness interesting. I’m having a very quiet day today. 🙂 The Joy Of […]

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