A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

Green Mind Seeing

I’m doing something a bit different over on Wattpad; in addition to occasionally posting short fiction there, I’ve also begun a sort of nature journal, Green Mind Seeing. Short pieces with observations and thoughts on the natural world. Some pieces are fanciful, some natural history, some gardening. If you, too, enjoy green things, give it […]

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Pop Quiz: The Lemonade Alternative

When life gives you lemons: a. make lemonade b. add lemons to tea because you’ll need caffeine to get through whatever it is. c. make potpouri from the lemon rinds after tea because the scent of lemons makes people feel more alert and, clearly, the caffeine isn’t enough. d. trade the lemons for limes because […]

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Do You Believe in Monsters? How About Woolly Mammoths?

I’m always happy when a new episode of the Monster Talk podcast pops up in my podcast feed. The new one deals with the recent Wooly Mammoth hoax, but I’d like to talk a bit about why people often believe. I learned a new word today: pareidolia. Maybe I’ve heard it on previous episodes, but […]

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Silence And Daydreams

I recently came across a couple of related articles which touch on creativity, silence, meditation, the human need for quiet creative spaces, even if that space is only in our own head. I also found the observations on how we respond to loudness interesting. I’m having a very quiet day today. 🙂 The Joy Of […]

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