A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

Autumn is a Season: Fall is a Verb

It can’t be the weather because we’re not (yet) having fall weather, but autumn is upon us and I am “Fall-ing” in all the usual ways…and also some unusual ways. I’ve got news, news, news! Writing news, blogging news, social network news, music news, and spacey news. (You knew I was spacey, right?) Writing: My usual […]

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Poem: 8:50 am

April is National Poetry Month. I intended to write something different, but events overtook me. My mother’s older brother — my favorite uncle — passed away today. He was 91. 8:50 am…I spool my day back to breakfast, then forward. What was I doing when he breathed that last difficult breath? When his soul left […]

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Yesterday was H.P. Lovecraft’s 122nd birthday. I tweeted about it, but hadn’t intended to post anything. Nevertheless…today I was sifting through some old poetry — stuff I wrote in the fall of 1979 — and I came across “Webs” which immediately struck me as Lovecraftian, though I hadn’t yet read any Lovecraft at the time […]

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National Poetry Month: A beginning at the end

For National Poetry Month I was thinking about posting one of my old poems (normal length, not tweets). I procrastinated, busy with other projects, and now with just a few days left I sifted through poems, undecided, changing my mind until at the very end I found the beginning: the first poem I sold. It […]

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Featured Poem!

April is National Poetry Month and NPR is doing a special poetry thing where they select and feature tagged poetry tweets. Last night the senior producer of NPR’s Tell Me More tweeted that I’d made the cut (more likely the first cut) and my tweet was featured for Muses and Metaphor 2012! (You’ll have to […]

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