A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

On The Road With The Starman

A lot has been written about The Starman currently gliding through space in Elon Musk’s Tesla. Is this a rich man’s indulgence, an ad for his car company, and without real scientific value? Well, yes. But that’s not all it is. There are so many interesting aspects to this that it took me a while […]

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It’s a great day when…

It’s a great start to the day when you look out the front window first thing in the morning and see a spacecraft fly over the house! That’s what happened this morning when the space shuttle Endeavour left Houston atop a 747 on its way to California. This was my second morning seeing the shuttle. […]

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The Moon In My Living Room

This past weekend, Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on a world other than Earth, passed away at age 82. I remember when Neil Armstrong took that “giant leap for mankind”. How could I not? I was right there with him, in my living room. I followed the space program avidly as a […]

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