A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

Writing in the (Rain) Cloud

It’s been a wet summer, with lots of storms. We’ve lost power a couple of times. This tendency for really violent thunderstorms to crash down on us, has made writing a bit iffy. Sure, I’m plugged into a surge protector, but my laptop is so old and erratic that it doesn’t react well to a […]

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How I Spent My Summer

It was a busy summer and I’m moving into an unusually busy fall. So grab hold of something while I run you through the wild ride of everything I’ve been working on — and some interesting personal side projects! The science fiction novel went through beta readers, revisions, proofreading and a title change! The current […]

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The Beach At Dawn

I finally finished the video edit! It took longer than I anticipated because I kept zoning out while watching and editing the beach footage. 😆 “The Beach At Dawn” is from my Sand In My Shoes EP. A nice little bit of summer fun in the sun. I shot the footage in Galveston on a […]

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