A Truant Disposition

"I must be idle."

Green Mind Seeing

I’m doing something a bit different over on Wattpad; in addition to occasionally posting short fiction there, I’ve also begun a sort of nature journal, Green Mind Seeing. Short pieces with observations and thoughts on the natural world. Some pieces are fanciful, some natural history, some gardening. If you, too, enjoy green things, give it […]

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The End of a Busy Productive Year!

My end of year summations are typically about invisible things. Invisible, because though I’m very busy and working hard, what I do every day isn’t visible to the world at large until something is published. Books take time and all sorts of things can delay them. But this year saw the publication of a new […]

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Halloween Goodies

Ghost stories and eerie music, they really go together, don’t they? I have both! All this month I’m posting my ghost stories on Wattpad and if you want a bit of ambient music to go with it, check out my Halloween Soundscape album on iTunes, Amazon, or other digital music stores. This music is good for setting […]

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New Short Stories and Why Wattpad

I’m going to be posting ghost stories on Wattpad this month, some old, some new, some private (followers only), some public. Friday I posted a brand new science fiction story (public) on Wattpad, “Etiquette For the End of the World”. Below is the publication schedule for the month, and also thoughts on why Wattpad is a […]

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I’m on Wattpad!

Things are going really, really well. The rewrite on the sequel to If Wishes Were Spaceships is going much better than expected. Beta readers didn’t find anything horrendously wrong with it. It still doesn’t have a final title, but in all other respects things are moving along at a good clip. I can thank Habitica for paring down […]

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